24 May 2007

Little John & Lady J

They arrived in a package from West Marine last week. I was tickled, especially with the female adapter. David said they have been around for years but I'm a kampung girl, never saw one before. Where I come from, we perform our best Kegel exercises and pray that the nearest toilet is less than a minute away. Prayers unanswered? We find a secluded spot furthest from all banana trees and pay due respect to the spirits guarding the land. It must be a polite well-worded pardon - before, during and after relief. The pardon is critical to avoiding disastrous consequences. A friend once squatted on a cactus while camping in the Mojave Dessert. OUCH! I bet she was in a hurry and didn't come up with the right words. LOL!

This set is for our annual summer camping trips and day-sailing. With my limited responsibilities in the boat recovery process, I am likely to be the one in charge of dumping waste and cleaning the potta potti. It isn't difficult according to the manual but I'd rather deal with miniature L-John and his lady than lugging a heavy suitcase of yellow water around the launch site every other week. Black water conditions is an entirely different situation altogether.

Interesting question for now - why is Little John red and Lady J blue??


Anonymous said...

Interesting tool. I never knew of it's existance. We kept the pot we've got from the hospital stay. And it can stand.
~Zue Murphy from zumurphy.blogspot.com

Rita Ho said...

Hey Zue ... Thanks for reading and sharing your blog address with me. You write very well and have such a fulfilling life!

Did you read about how criminals back home are now attacking innocent drivers stopping at petrol stations to take a leak?? I am thinking these pee bottles will be very useful and safer for Malaysians who need to make long road/highway trips.