14 May 2008

Introducing Two New Bloggers

Two individuals, born years apart into different cultures and living half the world away from each other, one in each hemisphere. One will share stories from his rich and successful past while the other posts his thoughts as he begins an exciting journey into the future.

Closer to heart is the Roller Coaster Kid - Qeeran Lee, my 7-year old nephew whose mom is my sister. Qeeran was two when I moved to the US, and a couple of years later, he and his family migrated to Australia. Our trips home to Malaysia have not yet coincided and I am missing out on watching him mature beyond his years, an observation made by many including his teachers in Melbourne. We exchange emails and he refers to me as the "aunt who lives in the same country that has hurricanes and tornadoes and the roller coasters are near her house." With a highly inquisitive mind, Qeeran has a deep hunger for knowledge and education. My sister and I chat on the phone every week, so I get updates on his progress and often hilarious stories that result from his curiosity. For fun, he is fascinated with roller coasters and enjoy stunts.

Nearer to home is HOPSCOTCH - Louis, a fellow Seattle resident who I have not met in person but have connected with via email and blog comments. It was at Pak Idrus's blog that we got to know each other. Louis is a frequent visitor to Malaysia, loves our food, has fond memories of the people he met there and consider it his second home. From his thoughts and views expressed so far, he comes across as a learned, worldly and well-traveled gentleman who has led a fulfilling life. I am glad that he has decided to share his experiences and interesting lifestyles through blogging.

Many congratulations to Qeeran and Louis on starting their blogs!


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

i love how he describes his mom! mom makes breakfast, mum drives me to school.. mum makes dinner after i shower! SO CUTE lah! i guess that's just what we mothers are to them! haha. and that picture of them as nuns!!!

i will now hop on to hopscotch's!

rita dear, i'm not going to ask you about your foot, just about the car... how fast can it go on the highway eh?! hehe

lots of love and best wishes always!

Hi&Lo said...


Reading Louis and Qeeran brought the smiles.

louis said...

What a thought-provoking juxtaposition you made, Rita: Qeeran and I at opposite poles in space and in age! Emphasizes what a great leveller this IT is, bridging even generational gaps, sometimes turning it on it head, with the kids having to show the seniors the techniques.

I wrote a comment to Qeeran. I am sure he'll find blogging very satisfying.

M.KATE said...

mm...those are some dangereous moves there but good to know new bloggers all the time, happy weekend :)

Rita Ho said...

Hey Z! ... We have to ask Aidan to describe his mom. I bet it would be just as classic an answer. :)

The car maker is from Germany where there is no speed limit, so highway speed will probably land us in hot soup here. Haha!

Rita Ho said...

Hi Hi%Lo ... I am thinking your future blog would bring smiles to many of us as well. Your user name and many comments in blogsphere indicates it. :)

Rita Ho said...

Hi Louis ... A very sunny and hot day here!

Thank you for commenting on Qeeran's blog. He does enjoy blogging and being on the computer. He follows schedule though, for his own protection and that of my sister's pocket. The boys have caused many a computer to breakdown, requiring considerable $$ to repair. :)

Rita Ho said...

Hi Mary Kate ... I had the same concerns when I saw pictures of the stunts. He has a coach, though.

It is a rare Malaysian-like weekend here. Unfortunately, no where to drive to for a bowl of cendol or ice-kacang. :(