13 December 2008

It's all about timing

This is our Snorkel wood fired hot tub laying forlorn in a shaded and hidden part of the back yard ...

We kinda forgot about it after we rolled it to the forest area to make way for the jacuzzi I needed for my foot therapy. That was in May. It had weathered but is still in good condition, a waste as firewood. We offered it to a couple of half-interested friends for $100 then but neither took it up.

Last weekend, David started to get rid of his unwanted toys and decided to check if there was any value in the tub. New ones were selling at $2500, so he listed ours on craigslist for $1000, expecting to be negotiated down low or ignored. In two days, he received 6 replies to the ad. One guy from Alaska was ready to send the full sum without viewing! The first guy who came, took it home. Apparently, he and the others have been looking for one for the past couple of years.

As I watched the tub being rolled up into the buyer's truck and counted his green notes, the Chinese in me wondered if we should have removed the ad and upped the price. After all, we may need the extra cash down the road! LOL! David appreciated that it was already money we did not expect.

It's funny how time changed the situation in our favor. Folks were crowding rivers to cool off on those hot summer days and few, if any, wanted to turn pruny in a crate of hot water. Come fall and winter, the chilly air on clear stargazing nights created a demand for hot tubs.

I now wonder when is a good time to slot a Stanley squire chest of 14 drawers on the market. It has been occupying precious place in the den for several years.


louis said...

Did that offer from Alaska come from Wasila by any chance? I wouldn't have guessed poor Sarah would have enough money left over after that makeover :)

What irony in publishing this post about hottubs on this Sunday when Seattle has had its first snowfall of the winter1 (http://louis-hopscotch.blogspot.com/2008/12/first-snow-of-this-winter.html)

Rita Ho said...

Now-now, Louis, be nice. Haha!

The timing of my post was pure coincidence but I think soaking in a hot tub surround in a snowy landscape can be pretty cool! I might try it later. :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

Nasib baik u didn give it away for free. Nowadays, before u do anything, craigslist it!

Rita Ho said...

Good advice, Farina. Did you know craigslist knock Microsoft Live Expo out of competition??

Amazing how a simple concept became such a huge force.